Every hide has a story which is only revealed when you gaze upon it and feel the hide’s elegance. This story is what we promise to bring to you by selecting only the finest, full-grain leather. Our well-trained craftsmen do not let any part of the hides’ stories become sullied by by touching the ground. Fortunately, their astounding abilities has allowed them to craft an exceedingly high-quality, long-lasting piece of art.

Our customers sense our dedication and our craftsmen’s dedication to presenting them with the highest-quality leather artwork possible. Our consumers have an emotional bond with our products because they know that they have a design with a storied history which can organize their work life from morning to night in the most elegant way possible.

Be Natural

There is something about leather that resonates within us all. It’s unmistakable sweet smell and the soft and supple leather is enough to make anyone swell with anticipation of owning a handcrafted, Italian leather accessory. We believe it is because leather transports you away from life’s hectic movements and returns you back to nature and happy memories and positive feelings.

And why wouldn’t it transport you? Leather is from nature and we celebrate that very quality with you. Our leather comes with a story. Each one is unique. It bears the signs of experience and a life well-lived. Scratches, scars, insect bites, marks, wrinkles are distinctive symbols.. Since we strongly believe in nature, our products were created in an environmentally-friendly manner with a deep focus on minimizing waste. We are dedicated to creating a beautiful product with an even more beautiful past and future and can’t wait for you to experience the Soffio difference for yourself.

Mother Nature signs your product

Every product is unique, because each and every one has a different story to tell. It is a story which relays the product’s provenance and former care. This is why we select only the finest natural skins to become Soffio products.

Yet, the products’ stories are only the beginning. We want it to continue with you. Watch the color become richer in your hands and become part of your story. The longer the leather lives with you, the more it changes. It becomes supple it becomes darker and before long, it shows the results of living a life with you.

Before long, your signature will meld with Mother Nature’s and you will have a truly unique product to call your own.

We are the purest luxury Italian accessories brand

We were established in the centre of Arzignano’s leather industrial district and are the result of several studies abroad, a thorough knowledge of raw materials and a collaboration with an influential designer, Raffaello Galiotto.

Now, after extensive research, we are finally ready to share our passion for NATURAL LEATHER and IMPECCABLE DESIGN. Our collection is comprised of meticulously curated, lifestyle luxury goods, which seamlessly connect two diametrically opposed worlds. The irrational perfection of NATURE and the rigorous perfection of TECHNOLOGY to create the ultimate accessory.


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